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79 cent gas!

October 31st, 2008 at 07:16 pm

A couple days ago, using my grocery discount card, I got a discount of 1.50 at the pump...I only paid 79 cents per gallon! For 5$ I filled up and still have almost a half tank left! I have $10 left on this gas card so I will easily get through the next week without paying anymore for gas!!!

so excited!
I went to Walmart tonight and spent $50 for groceries...well, uh, some junk food too. But my daughter is having friends over and its halloween!

My daughter and her friends went dressed up in 80's garb. I did their hair and it was a poofy teased mess! But they looked so cute.

Gotta work tomorrow morning, just finishing watching Rachel Maddow. I am suffering from election anxiety. My adrenal glands might go caput by Tuesday

Have a good night all!

Good night all!

I'm back!!

October 31st, 2008 at 06:37 am

Hello all!
I have been gone for several months due to various crises (nothing too earth shattering and mostly resolved now) and we've been very busy.

Anyways, I have been bad and have not been living very frugally these past couple of months...BUT! I am ready to start anew.

A few days ago I balanced my checkbook to the penny. The bad news is I still have too much debt but some good news is that I have 4 more car payments and then I am looking at an extra $310 per month!! 4 months seem like an eternity though...sigh.

I'll be back later with some details.
Happy Halloween!