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The obligatory "all about me" page

Ok, here are some facts about me and my family:

1. I am married to M. and the mom of C. and E.

2. I am 33 until 2009 when I will be 34

3. I am a Registered Nurse who works on a skilled unit with rehab. patients 3 nights a week. 2 days every two weeks I work in a general population of geriatric and geri-psych residents. (Same facility)

4. I work 32 hours every week

5. My daughters are into cheerleading and gymnastics

6. M. is a software engineer/project manager (for North America) for a small company based in Israel.

7. I had been working on my degree in English up until 3 years ago when it got too hectic. I have two more years to go...when will I finish? Who knows.

8.I am disorganized

9. My car is always a mess and I practically live out of it.

10. Politically, I am a strong liberal who supports the green party and the democratic party.

11. I live in a rural socially conservative area in Ohio...let me emphasize conservative.

12. My oldest daughter also likes to dance (ballet, jazz, tap, modern)

13. C. is 14 and E. is 12

14. I was only 19 when I had C. and M. was barely 18. We are still together which is a statistical anamoly.

15. My favorite color is ...I could never decide, I love most colors...if I was forced though I would say pink.

16. My favorite tv show right now is The Office

17. My favorite food is ...again too many choices but if I have to pick, probably watermelon, peaches, cookie dough, steak, rootbeer floats and pork and sauerkraut.

18. My ancestry is French, German, Swiss, Welsh, Scottish and Dutch.

19. I love to travel and have been to Europe, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and many different states.

20. I have 4 cats: Vincent (who is deaf), Nadine, Butterscotch, Peppy.
2 dogs: Maxwell Burbank (beagle) Edgar (Golden Retriever)