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Shopping Haul

June 8th, 2009 at 06:28 pm

I had a productive weekend! Kind of expensive but stayed within budget.

Mulch: 50.00 (still need to spend another 50.00 this coming weekend to finish)

Flowers/perennials: 88.00

Walmart (weed barrier, misc. landscaping tools) 29.00

Lowes (pots, something I can't remember) 18.00

Kohls: (2 summer dresses, Vera Wang shorts, Vera Wang top, 2 pair wedge sandals, 3 tops, 2 Elle Camisoles) 202.00!!

Original total at Kohls was 373.00 but I saved 171.00 because of their buy one get one free deals. YAY!

Total: 387.00

I still need the following items...soon

1. 2 scoops of mulch
2. Bathing suit
3. 2 pair flip flops
4. water shoes for vacation
5. 2 pair jean shorts
6. one sleeveless tee
7. Gray capris
8. jean capris

This is going to be appx. another 300.00.

We have postponed our vacation until August so that gives us more time to put money away...it is going to cost around 600.00

I have an extra 24 hours on my next check so that will be about an extra 480.00 after taxes, plus extra for overtime but I am too lazy to figure that out right now.

4 Responses to “Shopping Haul”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    ummm...let me tell you a little story about mulch. Yards are deceptively deceptive. I had to make three (3!) trips to HD for more mulch.

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    Ms. Pearl!!! You wont believe this!! I was just re-reading my blog posts from waaaayyyy back when I started this blog last summer (whitestripe and her whole post about old entries or something.) and read about putting down my beloved rottweiler. (As the tears were coming down.) And I read your response about putting down your cat Casey Jones. Well- a few months after we lost Tasha the rottweiler- we got a pitt bull named Casey. The name 'Casey' never "felt right" to me so we went back and forth about changing it. Until BB added "Jones" onto her name! From the grateful dead song. She's been Casey Jones since a few weeks after we got her- I thought we were the only ones original (haha) to create that name- but I somehow copied you! I totally didn't mean it either. For what its worth- everyone cracks up when we talk about our dog Casey Jones. We call her the full name. Very long but we like it. Just had to tell you.

  3. Ms. Pearl Says:

    oh! I love it! We miss Casey Jones so much...I am so glad there is another one in this world right now. Our new(er) cat is named Vincent after Vincent Van Gogh because he is deaf and you know how Van Gogh cut his ear off. But we call him Vinnie and pretend he is a mobster from Brooklyn...I know stereotypical but we are a weird family when it comes to pets!

  4. gamecock43 Says:

    you guys come up with very clever names!

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