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weight update

June 16th, 2009 at 07:00 pm

I lost 1.5 lbs the first 15 days of June. I am happy but I was hoping it would have been a pound more. But hey, I'll take that.

I exercised 2 hours today. One hour by myself at home and one hour with my friend walking and kickboxing/lunges/running up and down bleachers. Feeling pretty good. Still would like to get to 130 by July 18th but I think that is unrealistic unless I starve myself...and I don't have 2 hours everyday to work out.

There is no change in the money situation right now. My husband and I were talking last night and have decided we would like to get some new furniture around December...our "Christmas present." 2 couches, curtains for living room, and coffee table. That leaves us needing 2 chairs but that will have to wait until we have cash. I think the furniture will be around 1300.00? Not sure.

We have managed to save almost 3,000.00 in our savings account! This is huge for us. But we have to start buckling down and pay off the d@@n credit cards so this won't last.

Well all, have a good night!

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