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I don't have an entry title

June 30th, 2009 at 11:27 pm

Nope, no entry title.

I have been reading voraciously, all kinds of novels. Once I begin a book I feel like a drug addict must, each page pregnant with potent intentions, driving me to continue inhaling the words, to feel the climax and resolution. Strangely provocative sentence I guess.

Spent ten bucks at Walmart for the latest one.

I know, I know, the library is free. But me, the inherently disorganized spirit will forget to return them or worse yet, lose them.

M. is in New York until Wednesday night and I miss him. The girls and I did not follow our menu plan today. Instead of veggie tortillas we indulged in the Digiorno pizza typically reserved for Fridays. I confessed this sin to M. on the phone but he didn't seem too terribly agitated. Though I am sure he will think about it now and then...as he boards the plane, drives home, opens the freezer and sees his Red Baron without it's ever present partner, Ms. Four Cheese Digiorno.


C. went to an Indians game last night and I could see her on the television each time there was a right handed batter. It was very odd. She went with a friend who has access to these seats via his rich boss. Her friend is only 15 and a half but he gets paid nine dollars an hour under the table to do work I am sure violates most child labor laws. But anyway...

M. will not be very pleased with my spending in his brief absence. Bought a smelly candle, a magazine, a book, 3 liters of pop, orange soda in cans, chocolate bars and two bags of cheetos. yikes.

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