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January 13th, 2009 at 03:25 am

My husband and I were talking last night and he made a comment that we shouldn't count on him getting any sort of raise this year and definitely not much of a bonus...(btw, his bonus that last two years has been 30k)

Then, in the same breath he asked if he thought we could get all our credit cards paid in full by the end of the year. What world is he living in? Dr. Seuss land?

I told him there is no way in hell that we would be able to pay off all our cards without a good bonus. Then I asked him if his company was having trouble and he said, "no, not at all." Then why no bonus? "Well, in this economy everyone is being conservative." That got me thinking, even though a business is doing well could they use the recession as an excuse to withold compensation for their employees?

I told him he should at least get a small raise...even I got a raise in October and I work for a very stingy company!

I hope he is wrong and he gets at least a sizeable chunk of his bonus...I think he probably will get half but we'll see!

I have nothing planned except to sleep today after I take the girls to school. I have to cancel the ortho appt. becaue it is finals week and I don't want C. missing any of her classes...she is on the verge of having straight A's this nine weeks and last nine weeks she missed straight A's by having a 92% in Science. At her school an A is 93% or above. I've got my fingers crossed!

This time of year my town looks drab and ugly, brown slush snakes through the streets and left over Christmas decorations feel hollow and tacky. I would love to move sometimes to somewhere warmer without brown slush. C. would too. I told her good grades will help her escape this ugliness. She agrees.

3 Responses to “Raise”

  1. mooshocker Says:

    I too think the recession has opened the door to over the top corporate frugality, however, if it saves even one job, it is worth it.

    It is a very muddy, mucky time of year when the sunshine hits the snow, but there is beauty and greatness everywhere, look for it. I know you will find it.

    Congrats on the little Einstein! Kudos to her and you for establishing the importance of good grades. God bless.

  2. merch Says:

    The issue that corporations have is that the economy is still bad and 6 months from now still looks bad. They see storm clouds on the horizon. Will the storm hit? Maybe, maybe not.

    Best to perpare incase it comes. Translation, limit bonuses and raises. Also, now is a great time for companies to shed unproductiove workers or one's that are highly compensated when a junior person can do the work.

    Oh and I would still focus on paying off the debt, if that's where you are at. Strike while the iron is hot. We

  3. choystercash Says:

    But encourage him to still ask for that raise!!

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