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Weekend update with Ms. Pearl

May 31st, 2009 at 06:03 am

Went to see Angels and Demons last night...pretty good.

Spent $37 for 3 of us. C.'s friend gave me 20.00 toward the price otherwise we would have paid more because of the popcorn, candy and drinks. Wow, they are too expensive!

But now that we have an actual WORKING budget we can have an occassional movie night. Besides I received 16.00 refund check from the radiologist that we over paid, also have 20.00 Walmart gift card to put toward groceries so this will not have any effect.

More good news is we are expecting another 70.00 in refunds from local hospital that we overpaid...insurance paid my entire surgery. Oh yes, another update, I had my gallbladder removed the end of March. I was off work for 4 weeks but I was paid my 2 weeks vacation and have disability insurance so everything was cool.

Long paragraph, excuse me.

Came home from work yesterday to find Husband had cleaned out a flower bed. Removed scraggly bushes so I have a fresh pallette (spelling?) to plant some pretty perennials and annuals. So excited!! We cleaned up another bed last weekend...two more to go.

Plan to exercise when I get off work at 3p today...going with my cousin and Aunt. They recently started working out with me and have each lost 10 lbs. Yay!

I have blogged about this in the past and received mixed reviews but we have decided to invest in new Trek bikes. We will be receiving one free using M.'s Marriott Rewards points and will be buying 2 more...yikes I know expensive but we are tired of borrowing my Aunts bikes and we have a trail and State Park close by and have been using it a lot.

It is such a good thing to do as a family!

But not to worry...it is all in the budget!

When it was only me doing the budget I was WAY underestimating basic needs like food, car maintenace etc... now with M. helping (basically taking over, but that is fine with me.) We are amazingly organized and actually have enough money for weekly grocery shopping.

Of course, I still expect many bumps in the road...always surprises lurking around each corner I suppose...

This coming week I face a HUGE test. Need to buy some summer clothes...I have none. NOT utilizing the cliche, I really don't since losing weight. I plan on going to Old Navy first and have a budget of 250.00.

In the past I always, always, overspent. I will let you know how it goes, I am actually nervous!

OH! I updated my side bar in case anyone is interested.

6 Responses to “Weekend update with Ms. Pearl”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck with the shopping! I think you will enjoy your Trek bikes. We have Raleigh's and have really enjoyed them. We should get out on them more.

    As far as clothes, you will be fine if you stick to your budget. Get the basics first. You can always add accessories later...in fact I don't even accessorize!!

  2. Ms. Pearl Says:

    I know...we have one Trek already and we always fight over who gets it because it is amazing! I figure if we take good care of them it is something we'll be able to enjoy a long time and something our kids can take when they move out.

    Yeah, I don't accessorize much either! I have a diamond ring, an amethyst and a few cheap necklaces and 2 belts. I borrow from my kids a lot...scarves and etc. I don't even have pierced ears!

  3. boogala Says:

    Try to get a coupon for ON by googleing "Old Navy printable coupon." Every little bit helps. Big Grin

  4. Ms. Pearl Says:

    Thanks boogala, I will do that now!

  5. whitestripe Says:

    just take the $250 and empty your purse of everything else. and my advice is: write a list or atleast memorise what you need. so many times have i gone 'i need bras, two singlets and a jumper' and will come out with socks, a fancy top and a skirt!
    and if you are shopping for smaller things like underwear or tshirts and singlets, get those first before getting bigger things like shorts and skirts because they suck up all the money. and make sure everything works together!

  6. Miss Sporty Saver Says:

    Was the movie good? I saw Star Trek last week, and was contemplating if I wanted to see Angels and Demons or Terminator this weekend. Yes, the movies are EXPENSIVE! For an adult at one of our theaters, its $11.50!

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