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The week ahead and WANTS vs NEEDS

June 2nd, 2009 at 03:18 pm

I have quite a busy schedule this week. Working a lot of extra hours. I sat down today and made a list of all the NEEDS and WANTS in my life that next few months.

If I say it is detailed...well that is an understatement. I listed every item of clothing my family and I NEED and also a few wants. I included landscaping costs, clothes, new furniture, curtains, blinds, pillows and sheets. Those are the biggies. OH! And getting 3 cats declawed so they don't ruin new furniture!

Now, of course many of these are WANTS but there are some needs...specifically the clothing. Especially mine. Since I have nothing other than workout clothes from Walmart and a few new scrub outfits I bought recently for work. OH! And $10 flip flops from Walmart, actually cute.

Now, some may call the furniture a definite want but if they walked into my living room they may change their minds. However, that is definitely last on my list and contingent upon my husbands possible bonus. And trust me, the couch and chair I want are from IKEA so not exactly splurging here!

Didn't workout today but I put in over 3 hours yesterday to make up for not being able to exercise again until Friday. The scales are still hanging on at 138. Despite the fact I probably burned at least 1400 calories from exercising the past 48 hours. Well, I better not get too OCD about it.

I plan on listing my NEEDS/WANTS list later...would love to hear everybody's opinion on if they think I'm right and what their own wants/needs are!

3 Responses to “The week ahead and WANTS vs NEEDS”

  1. momcents Says:

    Me and you sister, but I am hanging out at 136 (down 6-1/2 pounds). And I'm giving consideration to my own needs/wants list here!

  2. naturalwoman Says:

    you worked out for 3 hours. wow. that's great. i'm at 165, i'm also 5 10 so it doesn't show, but i want to get to 150 or 155 if possible.

  3. HELPmeFriend Says:

    Happy blogiversary

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