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What a blur

June 5th, 2009 at 12:15 am

...life has become this week! Working a lot of extra hours. I'm in the middle of my next to last shift. I will get off at 7am Friday then come back to work at 3pm Friday. Not much sleep but I have the the next three days off. Thank goodness.

Got paid today, 1113.67. Yikes almost $200.00 short because I missed a a shift due to daughter being sick. But in two weeks I should have an awesome paycheck.

The last day of school was Tuesday. YAY! I love the relaxed pace of summer...I get a lot of sleep! Well, maybe not this week but at least I don't have to worry about running the kids back and forth to school.

We have a lot of plans this weekend and I am scared of overspending because our budget is very tight in June. We need to mulch our flower beds and I want to get three hanging baskets and some annuals to plant in the beds.

I would also like to run to the mall this weekend and use my Victoria's secret $10 card and Express $20 card. They are burning a hole in my pocket.

Today I managed to get 4 loads of laundry done AND put away. I also cleaned out my dresser and have a large pile of clothes I am going to sell at my grandmother's neighborhood garage sales the last Wednesday in June. I have been going through the girls clothes too and they have lots to sell. Most of it is Abercrombie and Hollister...stores like that so we should make some money.

We had to postpone our Cedar Point trip until July because we forgot about the garage sales...family tradition!

Some bad news, got on the scale today and it was up 2 lbs. I have no idea why because I have been exercising my a$$ off and eating no more than 1400 calories a day. Maybe I need to chill a little, my body might be revolting.

But anyway, to weigh 140 lbs SUCKS. It was so nice to be in the 130's. I am hoping today was a fluke and I can drop those lbs. quickly! My husband tried to placate me by saying I look thinner and I must be building muscle...maybe.

I saw an old childhood friend at the gym today, she joined last week. She had always been heavy but she is morbidly obese at this point. I am just so happy she is starting to exercise though.

Have some frustrating patients right now and being so tired isn't helping my mood!

1 Responses to “What a blur”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    it's true though, muscle does weigh more. i know you said you do not have many clothes that fit you, so that may not be any help to determine it. have you tried measuring youself?

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