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Long time away from here

January 2nd, 2010 at 02:38 am

I can't even remember last time I visited but I decided to update. Things are going well in general. (Knock on wood) We have all but 3 credit cards paid off. Capital One, Bank of America and Chase...that is it for credit card debt. My husband has a great system in place.

We paid for Christmas entirely in cash but on the downside we spent way too much on the girls. One thing I would like to improve this year is SAVING money. We spend spend spend and we need to be saving more.

My husband splurged and bought me an Armani watch for Christmas...it's so pretty and for all the times I say I don't care about brands, well, maybe I do just a little tiny bit. (:

For 2009 we made about 10k less than last year but are definitely on better financial ground thanks to paying down our credit cards! Our total credit card debt today is just under 15k. I think last year at this time it was around 23k.

I have a facebook account now and have found a bunch of old highschool friends. Well maybe more acquaintences but some friends.

We found out a few months back that our youngest daughter is positive for the MEN type 1 gene but that our oldest daughter (the one with Lupus) is NEGATIVE! I wish both of them were negative and I cried for a long time when I found out about E. When we told her she cried and cried and screamed and it was horrible. But we told her to look at her dad, grandpa and aunt, they are all alive and living happy, productive lives...they just have to have surgeries and see the Doctor more than "regular" people. We are dealing with it. She has her first appointment at the Cleveland Clinic on January 14th. Feels like a strange inaugeration of sorts.

Well, I hope everyone here has a terrific new year and I will try to blog more than I did in 09 because it keeps me on track.


4 Responses to “Long time away from here”

  1. homebody Says:

    Pearl I am sorry. A chronic illness can be so difficult for for children to deal with.

    My niece's father had lupus and my sister is concerned about lupus occurring in her daugthter. I am glad your other daughter does not have it.

    I went back and read a bit of your blog. Use the library! I am a voracious reader too!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice to hear from you. Congrats on getting the credit card debt paid off. I'm sure you'll continue to do well in 2010, too. I'm also sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but knowledge is power and it sounds like it is a livable condition. Take care!

  3. fern Says:

    Welcome back. I'm sorry to hear about the lupus. From what I read at the Lupus Foundation, it's very much like MS in that the body's immune system basically goes into overdrive. The good thing is, she has the gene, but that doesn't mean she has lupus yet, right?

  4. cptacek Says:

    What does having the MEN type 1 gene mean?

    And what is the great system your husband is using?

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